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Hi all,

I know it's been a while since I posted ... have been very busy working in the new rye bread book, and now I've reached the point where the recipes are ready for testing. 

The plan is this:

 - The testing will run for 9 weeks; the first recipes will go out on Wednesday 10/29/14 and the last evaluation forms will be due Monday, 1/5/2015.

- Testers will be divided into 5 groups of around 20 testers each. Each group will receive 2 recipes a week. Evaluations will be due one week from the following Monday, giving everyone 12 days (including two weekends) to run through the recipe and send your feedback. I'll provide more detailed instructions, feedback forms and pantry lists by the middle of next week.

- Starting in Week 3, we’ll only send recipes to testers who’ve given their latest feedback by the due date indicated.  For obvious reasons, the deadlines have to be firm.

- For equally obvious reasons, the recipes themselves have to remain confidential until the book is published. That being said, feel free to use the recipes you've tested and share the fruits of your labors with family, friends, etc.

- In recognition of your help, will give a 20% discount to active testers on all ingredients called for in the recipes during the testing period. Details to follow.

If you're interested, please email me back at We'll stop taking testers when the total reaches 140 (there's gonna be attrition). 


Stan Ginsberg

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Mini Oven


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That is really cool... Not surprised to see Mini showing interest :)

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She tested for us on Inside the Jewish Bakery and won my heart forever when she confessed that she liked our Linzer cookies better than her mother in law's. Here's lookin at you, kid. Mochtest du auch partizipieren? Your expertise and insights continue to be invaluable. S

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Mini Oven

when I sent off my email yesterday, I forgot to sign it!  Hope you got it, I'll send it again.  I am onboard in 3 different countries!  First few weeks in the US, then Austria and later ... a mystery country!   Should be fun!   If that third country is too remote, I might need an air drop for supplies.  :)  


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E-mail sent!

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want to be included!!! We are all sending emails... we want to bake together, so we would like to be in the same group.

Thanks, Diane

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Hoping to become part of your testing team :-)

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Hi Stan,

How exciting that you are working on yet another book!  I imagine exhausting too.

I would love to participate BUT my baking schedule is jam packed for my daily baking schedule through January with no wiggle room :(

I will just have to wait for the book to be published.

Best of the Best to you in your new endeavor.


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but I'm down to baking 1 loaf of bread every 7 days and couldn't meet your schedule plus my wife would freak out if i baked a rye bread every week for weeks on end:-).  I too will buy the book instead,

Good luck with the testing and the book Stan

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Don't I wish I could, but I dare not commit to the timetable, alas. Very excited to hear about the project, though - all good wishes for its success.

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and long for some great ryes, like the ones I grew up with in Brooklyn. I'd be delighted to help you tweak the recipes.


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I see another ITJB weekly bake the book-off in our future here.

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If I had the extra time I would willingly join in.  However I have been overly busy since the testing of the previous book.  I love the idea of a book on rye breads.  Great luck to you on the project.


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I can't afford to purchase any ingredients that I don't keep on hand.  I keep a little whole rye frozen, but it's not enough to make multiple loaves.  My grocery shopping schedule is once every month, sometimes skipping a month.  So while I'd probably enjoy helping you out, I can't afford the extra expenses that would be required.

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Mini Oven

some folks.  I don't think there will be too many 100% rye recipes, although I really hope so.  

Also, keep in mind we haven't seen an ingredient list.  Will it be too weird?  I think not.  That's half the fun and purpose for recipe testing.  If any of the ingredients are too hard to get ahold of.  Stan needs to know it.  

The best testers are usually those with the least amount of experience, also with rye.  Good feed back that way.  What a great way to learn more!  I can't wait to see what Stan's come up with.  

First few recipes will be in my parent's kitchen.  Learning experience for them too!   

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Rye's bark is a lot worse than its bite. Once you get past the idea of forgetting everything you know about (wheat) bread baking and approach it with an open mind, the rewards are amazing, both in terms of expanding knowledge/experience and discovering great new breads.

As for ingredients, stocks virtually all of them, and where we don't, they're generally widely available in stores like Whole Foods, e.g., sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. Also, where an ingredient is too weird, e.g., sugar beet molasses, I include substitutes.

So to all of you out there worried that you won't be able to manage it, I say give it a shot: you have nothing to lose but inexperience.


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AbeNW11 (not verified)

But for this very reason recipes have evolved that make it easier than wheat. Rye breads are generally higher hydration and no knead. 

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I'd love to do this, and I've done my fair share of ryes, some from your book. But your testing period goes right over the busy holiday baking time, so I'm trepidatious. Did you give any thought to that when setting up your timeline? I guess I just want you to know that the spirit is willing but the body is weak. I expect to go through lots and lots of baking in the next 12 weeks.

Who am I kidding -- I may still do it! :^)

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Sure, you can count me in.

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Mini Oven

I think we need to start a new thread.  And if the past is any example, it should be labeled with a #1 so when it gets too long, there can be a #2, etc.

How about starting a normal thread or a blog entry:   Ryetest Photos thread 1

Or another title...  So if loafers want to post a picture they can.   Or are we not allowed to post pictures? 

Sound Good?