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New to sourdough - a bread recipe I am pleased with

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New to sourdough - a bread recipe I am pleased with

My second attempt at making a loaf with my newly acquired sourdough starter Marilyn.  I tried a new recipe with better results this time and I think a big factor was light handling of the dough.

It is recipe I found on the net which is an adaptation of Jeff Hamelman’s Vermont Sourdough recipe (I'm inspired to get his book).   It is Rye/White flour based and makes two loaves. My family and I really love the results - I think it's going to be a regular! 

Feeling experimental I decided to refrigerate the second loaf in it's banneton and bake it tomorrow to see the difference – I’ll post an update on the results of that one.

Here's a picture of the finished loaf - I've made a note to cut the slashes a bit deeper next time, and perhaps exaggerate my "fold and stretch's" a bit more for even bigger holes.  Most of that loaf is gone - it made lovely bruschetta tonight.

Vermont sourdough



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Looks nice! well done.


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The loaf looks beautiful.

Well done:)

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Thanks all for your lovely comments. 

Here's the second loaf that was in the fridge for 18 hours then rested at room temperature for 2.  It hadn't risen quite as much as yesterdays but was close in size.   I wonder if I should have let it rise before putting it in the fridge?

The texutre of this loaf is slightly chewyer and very flavoursome.



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AbeNW11 (not verified)

Looks delicious 

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The sculpture you get to eat afterwards. Looks glorious.

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I bet the refrigerated one tasted better and was more sour?  Welcoome and

Happy baking

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Thank you!  The refridgerated one did have a slightly stronger taste, but the first one won for its slightly fluffier texture.  It's a great recipe - I learned a lot from this one.