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English Muffins

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English Muffins

Got up early this morning and made a batch of English muffins, and turned one into a "Joe McMuffin."

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Those look great, I can never find the right temperature for my griddle when making english muffins. 

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than when I make pancakes - like 275-F to 300-F. Use an infrared thermometer to check the griddle/skillet heat, dials with painted numbers are inaccurate, I've found. My English muffins cook about 7 minutes per side.

I also use a digital probe thermometer to tell when the centers are done, which is around 190-F to 195-F.

To the original poster: Beautiful English muffins! Now I have to go make some of my own. ;-)

JoeV's picture

I use our Sunbeam electric frying pan that we got for a wedding gift 42 years ago. Set it for 300F and give 6 minutes each side. My muffins are made with a batter vs a dough like some people do, I think they come out nicer this way, and have lots of "nooks & crannies."

My recipe is a variant of Alton Brown's recipe. I use a bit more liquid so the batter flows evenly so I don't have lopsided muffins. I also use mufffin rings and measure out 1/3C of batter per muffin.


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Wow, these look terrific, Joev.  How clever to use the electric pan. Setting it to 300 leaves no room for error. It's not easy on a stove cooktop to get an exact temp.  Thanks for the recipe, pics and hints. 


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We too use the electric skillet we got for our wedding and set it to 350 F, use kjknits dough like, SD EM recipe from TFL.  They come out like Wolferman's but they don' have anything on yours.  Put some jam and a piece of sausage on there and i'm coming over for breakfast:-)  Well done and

Happy  baking


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Mini Oven

for breakfast!  Beautiful way to greet the day.  :)

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I make English muffins with my eggs Benedict and smoked salmon. They are so good together.