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Poolish Pizza Without Daughter

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Poolish Pizza Without Daughter

Who knew she wouldn’t be home for dinner when Lucy went al out on her favorite pizza dough. Yes it is our Focaccia Romana white dough made with an overnight poolish that I nearly half the dough.  But it also has garlic, sun dried tomato, olive oil and rosemary in the dough too – yum!.  No sourdough, no whole grains just plain old white bread made with a pinch of commercial yeast.


Since the daughter had disappeared, that meant more for my wife and I to wolf down with a brewskie.  This dough was 71% hydration and made with LaFama AP at 11.2% protein that we love so much for flour tortillas.  It makes great pizza dough too.  This batch of dough was about the best yet – strong yet extensible.


We did a half and hour autolyse for the dough flour and our usual 3 sets of slap and folds followed by 3 sets of stretch and folds - all on 20 minute intervals.  We incorporated the rosemary, garlic, EVOO and sundrie3d tomatoes on the first stretch and fold. 


We did our usual spicy tomato sauce but also made another new thing.  We sautéed some Swiss chard, spinach, onions, Hatch green chilies and fresh polish sausage for the next layer over the sauce.  This was followed by mozzarella pecorino and Parmesan cheese and topped with button and Crimini mushrooms.


We put the stone on the gas grill and heated it up to 550 F before the pizza was put on and  6 minutes later it was done - very crisp well browned on the bottom with the cheese melted and starting to turn brown.


This wasn’t or normal extra thin crust piled high with extras but, it was crisp enough, no to bending not soggy or foldable soft - just the way we like it.  Too bad the daughter missed out on this fine pizza.  It was too good for left overs.   Maybe I can make it up to her tonight when Lucy makes ribs for Cousin Jay.

It may look like a pizza biu it is our smoked chicken quesadilla dinner from Saturday night


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Pitty she missed this classic. What is a gas grill? you baked it on stovetop?

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David Esq.

Our barbecues here are either liquid propane, natural gas, charcoal or wood burning. I believe he is just referencing the fact that he baked the pizza on the barbecue as opposed to in the oven.

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on my backyard propane gas BBQ grill.  It gets very hot (up to 650 F at the end of 6minutes baking starting at 550 F).  it makes so much better pizza than the indoor oven.  I just take the stone and throw it n the grill to get hot about 30 minutes before the pizza goes on..  Works great!  You can do it on a charcoal Weber grill too.  Ian has a pizza insert /extender for his that lets him make fabulous pizzas too - just like a brick pizza oven for 1/1000 ths the cost. 


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I'd definitely cancel my plans to stay for that!  Shame she missed it, but I bet she's still got a long list of menu wishes.....  I'll be writing up my own list for an Arizona trip at this rate!  

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but the smoked ribs tonight should take her edge off:-)  it was a tasty pie and the crust is our very favorite.  Glad you liked the post and my daughter  does have a long list of favorites but..... only a week to squeeze them in :-)

Happy baking

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This looks like one of your best yet.  Love that crispy crust top and bottom.  Perfect with a nice cold beer to wash down the spicy sauce.  Enjoy the ribs tonight!  I'm having some leftovers from my last BBQ the other day.  Think i will be mixing up some pizza dough as well.

Happy Baking.


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This is or favorite pizza dough.  Makes great focaccia too.  The ribs came out great and were washed down with ice beer in ice cold glasses.   Cousin Jay didn't go away hungry.  Nothing like pizza on the grill!  Glad you liked it Ian and

Happy baking