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Forkish 50% Whole Wheat Biga

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David Esq.

Forkish 50% Whole Wheat Biga

Because I accidentally melted my 12 Quart Cambro container and wound up baking only a single loaf for my Country Brown, I decided to make a "quick" loaf using the 50% Whole Wheat Biga formula.  I ground the flour the night before, made the AP biga the night before, and mixed the dough in the morning.

I used I bulk fermented the dough in the 6-Quart container and, quite frankly, while it was a little small, I did not really miss using the 12 quart container.  I wonder if I really need such a big container for making only two loaves of bread.

The loaves were proofed and baked Sunday morning. As you can see from the picture below, one of the loaves opened up very nicely, and the other one did not really open up.  It is the latter that I brought to my folks house and which was cut up to accompany dinner Sunday afternoon.

The crumb is close.

My father sliced the bread in smaller pieces and heated them in the toaster oven. They were a bit too crunchy for my liking, but they tasted delicious. The crust was phenomenal.  I have quite a bit of the Country Brown left and am not 100% sure I will get to cut the second loaf before heading out for the weekend.  Maybe I'll freeze it tonight and bring it with me....


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I don't own the book yet (shame on me), but this one seems decent enough to me. Healthy and convenient. 


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David Esq.

There is no shame in not owning a particular baking book. And, certainly, no shame in it when you bake as well and as varied as you do. The book, in my opinion, is simply a beginner's tool to make stellar bread.  I am sure that you can learn something from just about any baking book you might read, but that certainly does not make it a good use of resources to buy and read every book that is out there -- even the "good" books.

For folks like me, though, who don't  have the knack/experience, it is just nice to see things laid out in a way we can follow.  I would say it is a "shame" that someone doesn't read this book if they've never made a great loaf of bread, really wanted to, and gave up on the project.



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Has to be hearty, healthy and tasty - just the way we like them!  Maybe not as tasty as SD but sometimes there is no time. Well done and happy baking