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Norwich Sourdough

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Norwich Sourdough

Hello All,

I was just wondering if anyone out there has made the Norwich Sourdough from the Wild Yeast blog.  In her blog, Susan states that she gets 5 loaves out of the recipe.  I actually get 3 good-size loaves, I can't imagine them being much smaller.  Susan's loaves don't look that small in the pictures on her blog,  For those of you who bake this recipe, what is your experience? 


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Her recipe makes 2 kg which can be divided into whatever sizes you like.  I've made it as 2 loaves at 1 kg each which was too large for me. So I prefer to do 3 loaves at ~650g just like you did or 4 loaves at ~500g.  The loaves pictured on her blog seem to be about 500g each based on her photo of the 4 loaves sitting in the couche.  


 PS: I want to give credit to Susan for the photo. I copied it from her blog.