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Hello from Windsor Ontario! (Detroit, MI)

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Hello from Windsor Ontario! (Detroit, MI)

Just wanted to introduce myself. I am an American living on the Canadian side of the border. I come from a family of bakers from the U.S. Southwest and recently got into baking at home. I always missed the smell of the bakery helping my father on the weekends when I was a little kid.  I forgot a lot and trying to relearn how to do it at a smaller level and keep the tradition alive. Right now I am using the Bread in 5 minutes book by Jeff and Zoe As my foundation and kind of workings from there. Are there any opinions on this book here? I am recently trying to accomplish a more dramatic look to my loafs. I would be happy to get an ear. that's why i am here and willing to learn from the best! Attached is my fist attempt at baking at home. Cheers everyone!

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chouette22 TFL, a great bread community. I live just across from you, on the other side of the river. Great looking bread. I would recommend the Tartine book, it is also no-knead, but with a levain instead of yeast, and the results are spectacular. However, yours is a good way to get back into bread-baking. Once that passion has been re-ignited, the sky is the limit! :)

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Hi and welcome to TFL.

Good looking bread, love the scoring and the look of the crumb.

I love bread when it is homemade and so does my family.

Mine love a mixture of wheat and whole wheat and rye bread with a lot of caraway seeds in it.