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Starter Timing

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Starter Timing

Hello Bread Experts,

    I am new to this sight and I read a lot of supportive comments from nice people. I feed my starter once a day. It looks healthy and has around a 24 hour life span (start level, maximum level, and re-feed level.)  At what stage of the starter's daily life is the best time to make levian? Some say it does not matter , but maybe it matters a little. I am trying to keep my sourdough less "vinegary" I don't mind feeding starter 2 or 3 times a day before baking. I use bread flour and whole wheat, following the Chad Robertson recipe.  I have had some successes but I need to improve. I mail my bread USPS Priority mail to my Dad and it stays fresh a long time.

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3-4 hour after feeding until your normal time to feed your starter, is usually fine to use it.

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Once your Starter has come to a peek and wants to fall back it is good to use to make your leaven.

I am using a 50% hydration Starter * I find it much easier to maintain and less messy and the bread has a milder sour taste * so I can use mine when the Dome starts to collapse on itself *

When I use my 100 % hydration Starter I let it peek and when it wants to fall back I use it.