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San Joaquin Sourdough

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San Joaquin Sourdough

Baked my first San Joaquin Sourdough based on (Thanks to David!)

I reduced the hydration to 70% instead of 75% since I am not comfortable with high hydration dough yet.

My shaping has room for improvement.

Crumb shot.


Flavour-wise, it is fantastic!


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one of the great bread to be found anywhere in the world - and one of the best baguette recipes too!  It has bigger holes at 72% or 75% hydration but yours tastes the same and is about the best tasting sandwich bread to be found anywhere,  Well done and

Happy baking  

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Looks really good! With a crumb like that, perfect for sandwiches---if the holes were any larger, condiments will fall onto your lap!

Jolly bakings,


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Success!  Looks great, you've nailed this one!  I'm with Zita on the crumb, looks perfect to me for the purposes of loading a slice with all sorts of tasties without them falling through!  Well done and Bake on!

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I think it looks great and the crumb is very good.  I am sure it tasted wonderful.  I love David's recipe as well. Congratulations!  Best,  Phyllis

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Your SJSD looks great.David's recipe is one of my favorite go-to breads.  

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sue cardiff

Not much room for improvement here, you should be proud.