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Stand mixer

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Stand mixer

Um hi. I'm still a little new to the board and wasn't sure which category would be best for this post..

I was considering getting a stand mixer to make kneading a little easier. Im looking to spend between fifty and a hundred dollars. What brands would you guys recommend and what features should I look for?

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For your price range, this one might work well:

Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Stand Mixer, models 63326/63327/63328. Comes with paddle, whisk, dough hook. Reviews looks OK. For $70 from Amazon or Walmart, seems like a pretty good value. 

Compared to my KitchenAid Artisan: 

This has smaller bowl (3.5qt vs 5qt), so smaller capacity
Power appears close (300W vs 325W for KA) 




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to knead dough in that price range. The strain of kneading bread dough will break most mixers sooner or later. You may be able to get a used Kitchenaid mixer in that price range. That would be the most reliable mixer in that price range.

Another alternative for kneading dough is a bread machine. Use the dough cycle for kneading and bake in a conventional oven. You can get a good new bread machine in that price range. Sometimes you can find a good used bread machine at a garage sale for $5. They do a really good job of kneading dough.

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in the fact that anything purchased in that price range new would certainly not hold up to extended use. Look for a used Bosch Compact on ebay or save a bit more and buy it new for 199. In light of the fact people here are constantly complaining about burning up 250-350 KitchenAid mixers. Great idea as well about a used bread machine...there are millions out there collecting dust.