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Storing Dry Pie Mixture

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Storing Dry Pie Mixture

This type of question must have been asked a thousand times on a thousand different websites but I can't find the answer I'm looking. Hopefully I'll get some answers here!

Recently I bought a Kenwood Stand Mixer and because I make apple pie on a regular basis I'm thinking about making sufficent pie dough to give me two or three pies. So here is my question

If I only mix the flour and fat (Marg and Lard) how long will it keep in the fridge and how long will it keep in the freezer? I'l add the water when making the actual pie and work by hand.

By mixing in advance I'm hoping that I can cut down on the amount of electric used and the amount of cleaning up to do. (You really don't want to see my kitchen after a morning baking )

As always many thanks for your help


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Les Nightingill

I would not use a stand mixer for pastry. By hand is easy, but if you want to use a machine for speed, a food processor is preferred as it cuts the fat into the flour, while keeping the fat cold.

Sorry, that's probably not the answer you're looking for.

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for homemade baking mix that includes vegetable shortening. They recommend to store it, airtight, on the pantry shelf if made with white flour. They say to use fat or shortening that is shelf stable at room temperature and it will keep for several months. If made with whole grains or whole wheat flours that can go rancid at room temperature, they recommend storing in the fridge or freezer, airtight. 

Here's a link to their recipe and notes:

King Arthur Flour blog on homemade baking mixes