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sourdough starter

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sourdough starter

I've been using yeast I get from I've been trying to make a good san fran style of bread for YEARS! Not much success. And I'm in Denver. No oven spring at this time of year, and I have to bake bread in bread pans. Period. The problem is, that I can get the dough really tangy, but there's not much flavor.


I like the suggestion of trying someone else's starter to begin with. I've had this particular starter for over a year now, and I can't get it really flavorful. Tangy, yes. But flavorful. Forget it. So I'm going to start over with a new starter........One that's been used for over a year. Not willing to pay big bucks, but let's talk!

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AbeNW11 (not verified)

If your oven is switched on and preheated then you should get oven spring summer or not. People don't use their ovens in the summer because it makes the kitchen too hot but doesn't mean you won't get oven spring if you do use your oven.

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How is your baking process?

To get a bread with good flavour the Sourdough dough can not be rushed.

Important for example is bulk fermentation, that is the step after mixing your Ingredients and kneading.

You put the dough in a lightly oiled bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and leave it over night, after that you degas the dough and shape it, proof and bake it.

This time of year it would be better to bulk ferment in the fridge to slow the process down even more before shaping , proofing and baking.

Summer or Winter does not matter when it comes to the Oven spring, as the Oven will heat up to the desired temperature.

What temperature are you using for baking.

Maybe some more information on where you keep your starter after feeding, fridge or counter, how often and which ration flour /water you feed your starter and the steps from mixing to baking would be good.