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Uploading Pictures

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Uploading Pictures

Hi everyone! I am thoroughly enjoying this website... but I do have a problem uploading pictures.  

Why must the picture be less than 2MB?  Most of the pictures I take on my phone are larger than that!  

And when I try to insert a picture within my post it has to be less than 1MB.  Why so small?  

Is there another way to insert pictures from my photo library so that they don't have to be so small?

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For questions 1 and 2: Partly because server space is a finite commodity, partly because bigger files take longer to upload and download.  Smaller files equal more economical and faster performance for the site.

For question 3, you haven't yet specified how you are presently loading pictures and that makes it hard to suggest alternatives. 

If I want to upload a picture from my computer for the header photo, I first save a copy of it to a smaller file size on my computer.  If I wish to include photos in the body of the post, I first save them to my Photobucket account and use the tree icon to insert a link.  I generally use a 480x640 resolution, which also tends to limit the picture size.  I think that you can find more details in the FAQ.  Since the topic comes up periodically, you can also use the Search tool to find some more expansive directions than I have provided here.


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I just bumped the limits up to 4mb, but what Paul says is basically it: TFL isn't Facebook or Flickr, there isn't a massive storage cloud sitting behind it.  Phone photos that are high enough res to print are large, 4-6MB each, so it is preferable if folks shrink their images before uploading them.