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Best way to store.?

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Best way to store.?

What is the best way to store  home made bread.? As it doesn't have all the preservation elements as store bought. I would like my breads to last the longest possible.!!! :-)

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I use 1-2tbsp Oil in my bread which already makes it last longer and after 2 days I put it in an plastic bag.


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So oil helps preservation, TY

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We slice our bread, wrap it in two layers of plastic wrap ad place it in a zip-lock bag and freeze it. You can pull what you want by the slice. works great.

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....the bread about to be consumed (it keeps well for several days) and the other loaves are wrapped in a plastic bag and put in the freezer


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and breads made with whole grains keep longer fresh. I cut my loaves right after cooling in half, and freeze one half, since we are only two people. The other half I place, cut side down, in a brown paper bag.

Plastic bags only, if I want to toast the bread, anyway - I don't want my crusty loaves turn soft. Never keep them in the fridge - they will stale faster and get moldy.


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in the freezer wrapped in plastic wrap.  Stays great for 6 months in the deep freeze which happens when we find one buried like the holiday panettone a couple of weeks ago.  Don't know about commercial yeasted breads since I don't make any.