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Hello all!

After a couple of weeks coming here to get some tips, I finally decided to join the forum. 

I first came to the site to get some tips on sourdough breads. I had made some breads before, strictly following recipes, and not understanding at all about the whole process. Then I saw a book about bread and thought it would be a good idea for me to learn. I didn't know that before, but the book was mainly about sourdough breads. There was a step by step on how to make your own started, and so I did. The first loaf was really good, I was very happy about it. But then the next ones I made didn't look good at all, they tasted ok, but they didn't have any "structure", I felt the dough wouldn't hold up a shape, and since I don't have much (any) experience, I didn't feel confident to change the recipe. So I started to search on why that could be happening, and my search brought me here.

Reading some stuff here made me realize that it seems I started in a more advanced topic, a sourdough. And what made it even harder for me, is that the starter is made of whole wheat flour, and I couldn't find much information on that, not what I was looking for anyway.

But even everything going wrong I acquired a taste for it. So the current status is I have given up in the whole wheat sourdough bread thing, I have the starter in my fridge, I feed it once a week and occasionally I try to bake with it. But I have decided to start again on an easy topic. I read the handbook and the lessons, and I made the bread from lesson one:

I was pretty happy with it, and I understand a little better how a bread is made. I intent to continue and learn more, and I'm sure here is the place to do it!

My native language is not English, and I had some doubts about some words, but I figured it out so far, but don't mind if I ask what a word means.

See you around!



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Hi Natalia,

Welcome to the site.  Your bread looks wonderful and your English is better than you think.


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Thank you Jeff!