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New just wanted to say HI from Tokyo

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New just wanted to say HI from Tokyo

Just wanted to say hi and love the site and forum it has helped me tremendously so thank you all. This is a white rye Sourdough. Thanks again!

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Enjoy yourself in this community of bread lovers.  It appears that you have been working diligently and with good effect on your baking skills.


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Thank you Paul, and yes baking bread every day now for the past 7 months, but all the credit has to go to this site and forum at TFL and the people here, so i must say thank you to you Paul and every one here at TFL!!!,


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Hi TT,

I`m your neighbor here in Chiba-ken, welcome to the forum.

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Edo Bread

はじめまして ーNice looking bread! Nothing as good a good sourdough.