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Definition of "tripple" rising in poolish

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Jim Burgin

Definition of "tripple" rising in poolish

I have a polish rising, coming up on 14 hours, pet Ken Forkish.

His book says that tripling the rise brings 1 up to 4.

Math says that to triple something you multiply it by 3.      1 comes up to 3.

Which should I go by?   Have I misunderstood Forkish?  

Time is of the essence. 

Thanks, Jim Buregin

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Worry not about this detail and continue on with the recipe, all will be well.


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Do not worry about this, it does not really matter, even if it only doubles it will give you a great rise.

I go by the look of my starter/poolish and see if it is ready for baking.

Just do the float test:)

Put water in a bowl, carefully take 1 tsp of poolish and put it in the Water, if it floats it has enough air to rise the bread.