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Definition of "tripple" rising in poolish

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Jim Burgin

Definition of "tripple" rising in poolish

I have a polish rising, coming up on 14 hours, pet Ken Forkish.

His book says that tripling the rise brings 1 up to 4.

Math says that to triple something you multiply it by 3.      1 comes up to 3.

Which should I go by?   Have I misunderstood Forkish?  

Time is of the essence. 

Thanks, Jim Buregin

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No matter how you do the math, I can't get a triple out of my (Forkish) poolish or levain. My levain is about 1 month old. Nevertheless, my bread seems to have plenty of rise and flavor. . . 

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I do not think that it is a problem which way it tripples, even if it only doubles you are in for a great rise in your bread.

Once can get to hung up by all the science behind bread baking and forgets that hundrest of years ago people baked good bread EVERY day without meassuring jugs, scales....

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David Esq.

It is difficult to understand what someone means when they say that tripling 1 quart means you wind up with 4 quarts.

If that were the case, what would they mean when they use the word "doubling"? Start with 1 quart and end with 3?

And, if that were the case, how would one describe starting with 1 quart and end up with 2?  If it is not doubling, it must be something else...

Maybe it is safe to say he uses the wrong word, but then it is still not clear what he intends to convey.

An increase of 100% means 1 quart turns to 2.

An increase of 200% means 1 quart turns to 3.

An increase of 300% means 1 quart turns to 4.

Perhaps he means a 300% increase and incorrectly refers to that as a triple?



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I have a meassuring cup that holds 1.5 l also has g and all that printed on, an all around meassuring cup for those who might not have scales.

When I fed my 200g 100% hydration starter and fed it 1:1:1 and put it to rise in that cup it will end up at 1200g within 5 hours.

So that would be trippled.

That is also the point where I know my Starter is at the peak and ready to use soonish.