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Brioche from Peter Reinhart's BBA

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Brioche from Peter Reinhart's BBA

Used the middle-class brioche recipe for this bake with some changes.

1) I divided the dough into 3 portions - original, 4% matcha powder added, 8% cocoa powder added. I shaped them into rectangles and put one layer on top of the other, then rolled them up into a log shape and placed it into a loaf tin.

2) I did not put in fridge after developing the dough, which I regretted because the dough was very very soft.

3) I added 1 tsp of vanilla extract

The dough was overproofed because my wife was baking her cakes.

I find the matcha and chocolate flavour a tad weak. And because of the added flavours, my expectation before taking the first bite is that it should be sweet, but it isn't. Will use a sweet dough recipe for such flavours in the future.


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the colors go so well together. Experimental yes!  Well done and

Happy Baking

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Ingrid G

Thinking ET here...

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now that you have reminded me. Ya! It does look like ET!