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Fromartz Baguette Recipe - New link for old challenge

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Sam Fromartz

Fromartz Baguette Recipe - New link for old challenge


A number of blogs here have linked to this recipe, which ended up launching my forthcoming book: In Search of a Perfect Loaf. Now, having redesigned my site, the link to this recipe frustratingly doesn't work. So here it is again: Baguette Traditional -- Fromartz Recipe

Here are a couple of posts that refer to it:

XXXII - Baguette Traditional a la Samuel Fromartz....-ish - Lumos's blog

Sam Fromartz's Award-Winning Baguettes - Wally's Blog

More Fromartz's Baguettes - EHanner's blog



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Only noticed this now.   Thanks for linking to my humble blog, Sam. (Looking back, I think I should've baked it at higher temperature for, perhaps, slightly shorter time....:p)

Congratulations on the great success on your book. Got it from my niece for Christmas and just finished reading a few weeks ago.  Thoroughly enjoyed it. :-)