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"Double Ear"

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"Double Ear"

Often when I cut a batard I end up with a "double ear" - ie two flaps of dough that peeled. One is usually greater than the other.

Do you know why this happens?

I hope you can see the effect in the batard below, linked to my blog post:




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I suspect you have done a great job of orienting the molecules in the surface of the dough, as you form the loaves.  Keep it up you are doing great!


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Nothing wrong with double ears:)

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Mini Oven

you are holding the blade to score.  From the way the loaf is shaped, there will always be a direction to the tension under the loaf surface.  Take advantage of that while scoring and experiment with a loaf or two. Just like cutting fabric across, diagonal or with the direction of the fabric, cuts will stretch differently.