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The New Guy!

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The New Guy!


First of all, i'm super excited to have found this forum.   There seems to be endless amounts of information through the pages! My very first bread book i purchased was Ken Forkish's book (about 3-months ago) and I've become obsessed with every page of it.  I'm still in the process of making my first Leavan (about 3 days in) and I can hardly wait to start using it.  Since i've purchased the book i've baked about 14-16 loaves of bread, using various methods (biga, poolish, straight methods) and each one comes out tasting great, but natural leavened bread is my ultimate goal.  I have Tartine Bread ordered and should be receiving it soon, I'm sure I'll have a ton of fun with it!


I began like Ken recommended by letting the dough create its own scores on the top and some of the outcomes were great.  Nice tasting crust, and a pretty open crumb.



























I've recently tried a few loaves by scoring them (normal razor blade).  Overall it seems to open up decently horizontally, but i'm not getting much vertical ear that i see often on loaves.   I feel like i'm cutting deep enough, but perhaps i'm not getting enough steam in it via dutch oven method?

Overall the last three months have been amazing, i can't wait to see what the next 30+ years of bread baking bring me.


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Keep us posted with your far looks GREAT!!!

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Looks wonderful.  Welcome!