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Pa de pagès català - Catalan loaf

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Pa de pagès català - Catalan loaf

The most typical bread in Catalonia. It's a boule of dough, baked with the seam up.



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So, the final rise is on their backs, this way? Any added ingredients, spices? They are beautiful, it sure would be hard to keep from digging in...


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Looks beautiful! 

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I've seen it in books but not in the bakeries of Barcelona...

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I don't think I would make it with the pinch of commercial yeast and might take the hydration up to at least  68%.  Here is a link to Abebreadgallery's 2013 post on the formula that uses falling temperatures


Well done and happy baking.

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According to the catalan standard, this is one kilo of flour, 580-620 ml of water, 200 gr of old dough, 20 gr of salt and 5-20 gr of fresh yeast.