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Hello all,

I found your site this morning while looking for new ideas and techniques and I love the site.  Looks like there's tons of wisdom around here and I look forward to learning more and hopefully being able to give some back.

I'm just a simple home baker and make around 2 loaves a month.  I'd make more, but my girlfriend (and her workout schedule) get mad at me every time I make some.  So far, my bread has turned out very well, but it's not very consistent.  I feel like I'm going through the steps correctly, but I'm definitely still learning the nuances.  I've currently got a rye sourdough starter feeding on the counter and intend to make a 2/3 rye/spelt Baurenbrot tomorrow.  Last time was good, but it stuck to the bowl on the final proof and ripped the "skin" off before it went into the oven, so I feel there's room for improvement.  Anywho...that's me.  Thanks for allowing me in.