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stinky starter

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stinky starter

Hi all,

I had to start a new starter, cause my old one went south. Anyway, started it and after about 3 days noticed some bubbles and a fine crust. However it had a very strong vinegar, cheesy smell and taste. It has been warm at my place. Should I start over or will this be ok to use? 


Thanks in advance

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Keep going as the starter becomes sour the "stinky bacteria" (leuconostoc) will die off.  The pineapple solution avoids this development.


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Mini Oven

loosely cover to prevent evaporation, let gasses escape yet keep bugs and dust out.   Stirring several times a day will help to get air into the starter and promote yeast growth.   Keep going with the starter and it will get more beer like.  Don't give up now, you're almost there.