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When in Rome?

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108 breads

When in Rome?

A much awaited trip with the hubby is about to begin. We will be in Florence, Rome and a couple of other spots in Italy. Any bakery suggestions in those two cities would be most welcome. I make my own sourdough breads, generally whole grain, so I'd love to taste something similar over there. However, otherwise good bread hints for Italy will be appreciated as well.

If I find any great bakeries when I am over there, I will share upon my return. Ciao. :)

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Mini Oven

Ask for that early morning apricot filled croissant with your favourite hot beverage.   :)

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chip c

  Hi, hope you have a great time!  Look for a square called Il Campo Di Fiore. Great bakery there and there's an on going farmers market there. Also, enotecas, rest. the whole 9 yards. More going on in Rome for bakers but, this is can't miss. I don't know Florence as well so, someone will chime in w/that help.

   Again, have a great time.




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108 breads

Thank you for the suggestions. I can't wait to try the bread, pasta, etc. I will report back with any bakery finds.

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A tip for beautiful Florence.

Assuming you will be walking around the main centre visiting Ponte Veccio and El Duomo Cathedral, then look on a local street map for Piazza Della Repubblica which is just to the side of Duomo.  In this large square there is a department store in one corner called La Rinascente.  It looks just like a modern store of the John Lewis / Debenhams ilk.  However, if you work your way up the many floors to the very top you will find a hidden gem.  It's a roof top cafe that is literally in the roof of the building and looks down over the Piazza and to the side you have a fantastic view of the great dome of the cathedral.  The cafe sells good coffee and a variety of freshly baked breads and fresh sandwiches.  Well worth a pit stop !  Enjoy.

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If you are a sandwich lover, there are is enoteca verdi in florence. The owner pino (i think I remember that right) is really nice and makes an amazing panino. Buona fortuna!!

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108 breads

Those are wonderful suggestions. I can't wait to get to Florence and eat. I was there a long time ago, but I was not concentrating on good food then. I only remember the art and the clothing markets. Thank you!