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50% sprouted flour sandwich loaf

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50% sprouted flour sandwich loaf

This is very similar to the transitional wholewheat bread that I baked last week.

Only 2 changes:

1) I used my own sprouted wheat berries and grind them using the vita-mix blender after drying them in the oven at 80C (lowest temp my oven can go).

2) I reduce the amount of commercial yeast to 2g.

I find that the gluten network is not as supportive (holding its shape) but still extensible, most probably due to the sprouted berries. That's why I baked it in a loaf tin instead of free form.


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than yesterday's bake using 50% sprouted grain flour dried at 50 F.    I wonder if the sprouted grains they sell are dried at temperatures where the enzymes are killed off?  We will try a tin next time and see if that makes any difference.  At any rate yours looks terrific as a sandwich loaf.  Well Done and

Happy Baking

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I enjoy your baking adventures very much.