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How do they get the soft boiled egg in there?

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How do they get the soft boiled egg in there?

Today I enjoyed the Rebel Within at Craftsman and Wolves in San Francisco. You can see a picture of it about halfway down the comments in this thread

It's a savory muffin that contains a soft boiled egg. The one in the above picture was perfect, still runny; mine was a little more set but definitely still soft boiled. I had assumed they shape a little hollow in the dough and pipe the egg in there, but no. Seeing in person it's obvious the egg is prepared in the shell. peeled, then encased in the batter before baking.

Any clues on how they do that? Wouldn't the oven heat hard cook the egg by the time the muffin is done?

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You were given an answer to your question, only it was an egg inside a biscuit.  Wouldn't it work the same with a muffin?

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... whack to the side of my head. The egg in the biscuit didn't jump out at me the first time but I saw the link and followed it. Of course. I'd forgotten to consier temperature as the secret. Cook an egg so it's just firm enough to handle (sous vide would be good to control this), cool it to just above freezing, then peel that egg and drop into the batter. Or maybe you peel it just after cooking, but I bet not. Something to experiment with. Have you done this yourself, PaddyL?

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David Esq.

First, it is VERY unlikely that they put a chicken in the batter to lay the egg and then extracted the chicken.  I say this primarily due to the lack of visible feathers in the muffin.

As for the easiest way to peel eggs, if you lightly crack the egg shell (not hard enough to penetrate the membrane) before boiling, and then put the cooked egg in cold water for a while, the shell should peel very easily.

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But I've seen several cooks on television soft boiling eggs and peeling them for presentation on dinner plates or whatever.  I don't think I'd have the nerve, or the steady hands!  And you would have to eat those muffins right away, wouldn't you?

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I think I'd go  with poached; same end result without the screw-ups that attempting to peel a soft boiled egg would definitely bring in my case.



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Mini Oven

that weren't completely cooked inside only to find out my egg yolk was runny, cooking the rest of the eggs to set them was a pain because the cooled cooked white insulates the yolk and I ended up cooking them longer to get those yolks set than if I were to start over cooking fresh eggs.    

Naturally the soft boiled egg is hard to peel because it has the feel of a water balloon and can burst when you crack the shell, just do it lightly and peel underwater so the weight of the egg itself doesn't break it open.  Keep underwater until you get the egg where you want it.  :)