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Books in English with weight (metric) measurements?

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Books in English with weight (metric) measurements?

Can anyone list the books that they know? It can be any kind of baking book (breads, cakes, pastries) as long as it's in English and contains weight measurements.  Preferably in metric. Or at the very least, in ounces.

I went on a baking book shopping spree about 5 years ago and 90% of my English books contained volume measurements. Not too tough at first, but the constant fiddling with measurements (as I liked making my own adjustments) frustrated me.

Am I right in thinking that publishers are slowly becoming more open-minded about including weights in recipes in recent years?

I'll start:

King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking (measurements in volume and ounces).

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There are tons of baking books from these countries with the measurements in metric, and the Canadian books have all measurements in both cups and metric.  The list, if made, would be enormous, but you could start with Cakes by Rachel Allen, if you like.

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You can also look for a weight conversion table online, there are plenty, so you can still use your old books and than just look it up:)


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cow biscuits

All my baking books have weight rather than volume, I think publishers are realizing it is good to have both metric and imperial to appeal to customers in different parts of the world.

Here are a few good ones that have measurements by weight in metric and imperial plus sometimes volume.

Baking Bread With Children by Warren Lee Cohen (my all time favourite gingerbread men recipe is in here plus versatile and very forgiving breadstick recipe)

All You Knead is Bread by Jane Mason (lovely breads from all around the world, lots of faves in here that I make quite regularly like scalded rye, potato and rosemary, lajmaho, stollen, hot cross buns, maple syrup buns)



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You can preview the The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) books on Amazon.  These are school text books and usually have precise measurements.


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David Esq.

Tartine Bread, by Chad Robertson

The Handmade Loaf, by Dan Lepard

Whole Grain Breads by Reinhart


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Almost every new reliable cookbook that is being published now has measurements in metric weight as well as volume. Even newspapers like the New York Times now gives gram measurements for all recipes in the paper and on their website.

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'Advanced Bread and Pastry' by Michel Suas has weight measurements in both kilograms and pounds/ounces.

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The Bread Baker's Apprentice, Reinhart

Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast; Forkish

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Try Dough, Crust and Pastry by Richard Bertinet, a Frenchman who trained as a baker in France but is now living and working in his own baking/cookery school in Bath, UK.

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Thanks a lot for the recommendations. I'm glad to see that there are more forward-looking bookings since the last time I looked.

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'Born and Bread' by Robert Swift. Only a small paperback book. Rob Swift is a fifth generation baker who runs bread making courses in Ludlow, Shropshire (and in Shrewsbury at the Brompton Cookery School) Rob has said that the percentages are wrong on his croissant recipe due to a publishing error when scaling down. All the recipes I've tried have worked beautifully. Available from Amazon.

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How to make Bread by Emmanuel  Hadjiandreou is all metric weights and has some great breads, clearly explained.  Am a big fan of Forkish's FWSY and Robertson's Tartine and Tartine 3 as well.