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Broetchen success-thank you hanseata!

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Broetchen success-thank you hanseata!

A friend recently travelled to Germany and extolled the "broetchen" she had every day. She asked me to find a recipe and one of these days she and I will make them. Hanseata's post :

and blog:

 were wonderful. I had a short search for a wonderful recipe. I did not have the tipo 00 flour she talked about so I substituted:   100g cake flour + 400g AP flour. I also had to add additional water to make the dough she describes as sticky. As written , my dough was too dry. My AP flour must be a bit thirstier  than the Tipo Italian flour. Even when weighed, a recipe requires a good description of the expected results. Hanseata's write-up was very good.

 So here are the pictures. Oops-I should tell you that I had not 1 egg in the house when this dough was  ready so my seeds (esp the pumpkin seeds) did not stick very well and I almost burned the rolls! Caught them just in time. Got too involved in multitasking.

This was a beautiful, silky dough that was already doubled in the refrigerator. Just needed to shape,proof and bake. A little longer proof due to the dough being chilled. Lovely to roll.

Breakfast. So good to have homemade bread again. I hadn't baked in a while. Too busy in my new retirement.

And finally the crumb. So soft but with a tender, slightly crusty crust.

Definitely worth repeating and repeating. Using some soft wheat flour had a definite impact on the dough. I am finding that I like the crumb that results from the lower protein flours. Hydration and development of the starch in the dough are key to producing a great, shreddable crumb from these flours.

Are there any rye or wholegrain broetchen recipes?

Thank you,Hanseata, for a wonderful recipe and a great write-up and description.

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They look very appetizing, im not a soft bread person in general but they look very tasty. Especially with the crisp crust

Will have to give it a try one day