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Use of a Grill Dome Kamodo for bread.

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Use of a Grill Dome Kamodo for bread.

Hi Folks, I have been in the planning stage for a Tuscan Oven but I have had to give that up because of our City permit requirements. Somewhat desperate to have Ceramic/ Brick oven I hit on the Grill Dome Kamodo Oven which seems to be a similar avenue to brick oven baked breads. It will easily go to 700 and one of its main characteristics is to hold heat for long slow cooking. I bought the EX-Large one which is 22" in diameter. Even though it was an arm and a leg it was still half the price of a Tuscan Oven with all of the engineers, soil geologist and professional drawings required.

Anyway is there anyone in the Forum that has experience with this method of baking bread? I am having visions of sturdy loaves with crispy caramelized crusts ...I would appreciate any tips. Thanks Pam


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I don't have first-hand knowledge of the Kamado, or the similar Big Green Egg.  However, a quick search for either name turned up a lot of hits from previous posters.  Just type either name into the Search box in the upper right-hand corner of the page and you'll have lots of reading that applies to your question.


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cow biscuits

Hi Pam

I have a large Big Green Egg and it is fantastic for baking bread, I get a much better rise and crust than in my oven. It can fit 3 loaf pans or a square baking sheet with two loaves or two medium dutch ovens.

here are some photos of anadama bread and no knead bread

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Holy Cow!!! hey these look great I am so happy you sent these pics now I have an idea of what I can aim for. Thanks again Pam