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Traveling to Burbank, CA this week

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Traveling to Burbank, CA this week

My wife and I are going to Burbank this coming week-any recommendations for artisan bakeries there?  

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Porto's is one that's closest that you should definitely visit

After that things are spread out a bit. Here's a list from a few years ago in the LA TImes:

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Thanks for the info on Porto's and the list.  I will check them out.

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Unfortunately, Burbank is the middle of food nowhere and Porto's is the closest. 


You are close to some very good Latin American neighborhoods just over the hill near USC.  Not baking per-se, but Glendale's Armenian community isn't too far away.   

Yelp is pretty good restaurant/bakeries, but there are some raving reviews I don't quite get.  Not meaning to offend anyone, "panaderia" is the term for Latin American bakeries near downtown L.A. in case Latin American culture is new.