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Spelt, roasted bacon and black pepper

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Spelt, roasted bacon and black pepper

Spelt (80% white, 20% whole), roasted bacon and freshly ground black pepper. Just substitute all the salt by a mixture of salt and pepper. Let's say, 8 gr of salt + 2 gr of pepper instead of 10 gr of salt. It makes a difference!

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you have there, haven't used white spelt in a while. This is the kind of bread I yearn for


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...comes from anywhere. This bread is a knockout, definitely a treat to the eyes and palate. And your use of spelt and black pepper have been working their way through my head for weeks, now, and surfaced this morning as part of a plan for this week's bake. not sure exactly where it will go, but it will surely include both ingredients, plus some rye and caramelized onions.

Thank you for sharing!