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Oats Porridge Bread

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Oats Porridge Bread

Based on

I included the 7% wheat germ. Hydration stayed as 75% instead of the 82%.

I used water that was used to sprout my wheat berries.

Couldn't shape the dough well because it's just sticking to my ikea kneading board.

Did 8 stretch and fold. I can lift the dough out of my stainless steel bowl without the dough sticking to the bowl, so I presume the gluten is developed.

Very low profile bread with irregular holes. Translucent crumb.

Need to practise more on shaping high hydration dough.

Baked it in a cold oven, using a la cloche. 240C for the first 40 mins (oven took 15 mins to reach 240C). Uncovered and lowered temperature to 230C for another 15 mins.


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How long did u proof your bread? It looks like overproof

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2 hours bulk fermentation at room temperature of 30C, with stretch and folds.

After shaping, 1 hour proof at room temperature. Then in fridge overnight, didn't see any rise in dough.

So, placed in wine cooler at 15C for 5 hours before baking (went to work and back).

Can you teach me how to see that it's over-proof?