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Bake vs Frying Donuts Shelf Life.

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Bake vs Frying Donuts Shelf Life.


1)How long would each last at room temp.?

2)If you had to make a few dozen donuts would one last longer/taste better than the other?

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Raised fried donuts have a shelf life of about 12 hours, and are best eaten right away. Cake fried donuts are generally a little more crispy and can probably last a bit longer than that. 

Baked? No idea. Don't know if the boxed cake donuts that companies like Entenmann's produce are baked or fried, but I imagine they have longer shelf life, possibly 2 days, maybe 3...just guessing here.

If I baked them, I would probably bake cake donuts, and treat them like I would a cake. 

I generally prefer the taste of yeast-raised fried donuts, but fried cake donuts (like the chocolate old-fashioned with chocolate glaze at Randy's in LA) are my second favorite. 


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My favorite donut shop, the Holey Donut in Portland, ME makes their donuts with fresh potatoes. Since my car finds its way there all by itself, I have tried all their variations, and also brought some home and ate them the next day. The only ones that still tasted like fresh the next day were the dark chocolate ones. 

The cake donuts I bake keep longer fresh (2-3 days), thanks to my substituting whole wheat pastry flour for part of the AP. They stay very moist because I use oil instead of butter.