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Farmer's Market Week 37 (The Ogre) and more

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Farmer's Market Week 37 (The Ogre) and more

So I've been hooked to "The Ogre" adaptation of Steve Scott's Grain de Lin from Breadlines   Recently it was brought to my attention indirectly that the hydration is actually supposed to be 109% while I've been thrilled with the loaves I made @ 102%.  I've made a couple small batches of this and decided I should share with my farmer friends as it is so good.  My adaptation replaced the "Lin" with "Oger" or flax with barley along with the decrease of hydration by 7%.  I'm calling it The Ogre Loaf.  

For my Tuesday Bake I went with my 70% Whole Wheat which I've done in previous Farmer's Markets but this loaf has given me trouble.  The resulting loaves were okay but not up to my standards and I apologized to my "tasters" but none seemed to mind.  The following day I made a small batch to remedy the situation.  I simply wanted to decrease the bulk ferment (which is where things got away from me).  I ended up doing that and increasing the hydration quite a bit.  The resulting loaf is in the books after one more trial proves it wasn't just a fluke.  You can find this formula here  The changes to formula shown in below photos are decreased PF to 7% but still a 12 hour overnight build.  Decreased bulk to 2:20 with 4 folds @ 20 minute intervals.  And increased hydration to 110%. I think I'll increase the PF to 10% and that'll be the final change if all goes well.  

 I wanted a snack and made some 100% whole grain Anginettes.  I just subbed soft white wheat for AP flour and got pretty good results.  An Anginettes is a cakey vanilla cookie enrobed in a lemony flat icing.  

Levain: 3-4 hours @ 78-80F


13 g   Seed Starter (66% hydration)

16 g  H20

13 g  Whole Wheat Flour


Soaker: 4 hours (make at same time as final levain)


150g     Pearled Barley

100 g    Boiling H20


Final Dough DDT: 80F


672 g     H20

204 g     T85

455g      AP

17 g       Salt


Autolyse:  Mix levian with final h20 and flours until combined.  Sprinkle over salt and let rest 30 minutes

Mix  Squeeze and fold through to incorporate salt.  Add soaker (drain any excess h20) and continue squeezing and folding to combine evenly. 

Bulk Fermentation 4:00 with 5 folds @ 30 minute intervels.  Each fold consists of two letter folds followed by a fold from both sides. So three folds in all.  

Divide into 2 750g pices and tightly preshape.  Rest 30 minutes.  Flour your lined bowls generously with rice/ap mix

Shape using the folding technique:

turn out onto flour board and fold bottom half up short of the top.  Stretch from the left and over to middle and repeat from the other side.  Take the top and stretch and bring down and underneath.  tighten slightly using a scraper and your table and let rest a minute or so to seal up.  flour tops and place tops down into bowls.  Retard 15 hours.

Bake @ 500 with steam for 17 minutes and vented for 30-40 more.  A deep full bake is essential here. 

Cool Completely


The OGRE Loaf


Improved 70% WW

And the lemony delicious Anginettes




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Not sure if you saw but in my previous post I did finally try the SFBI Finnish Rye



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of your best breads t date.  They both look terrific to me too and I have no idea what part of the 70% WW was off from the pictures..  Lucy says the glazed lemon cookies are too small for humans to eat but are just the right size for her :-)  Your recipe perfections are coming along.

Well done and happy baking Josh

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The photo of the wheat above is the improved version.  Already erased the photos of the semi failure.  It had a very even tight crumb that was a bit sticky.  It had no energy going in the oven and the one's I scored for bloom fell a bit.  

Thanks for the words


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Beautiful breads, Josh. Is barley coming through? 

I like your whole wheat Anginettes. Good luck with farmer's markets!


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The barley brings a sweetness through and adds a nice pop to the creamy crumb. 


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Those are some beauties and those cookies look awesome.


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1. What temps do you retard at?

2. Is the ogre very sour?




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I use my home fridge for retarding and when i use my laser thermometer its usually between 42-45F.  

This bread is mild on the sour side.  If you follow suit and hold the dough at 80F during the 4 hour bulk it does pick up some nice buttery lactic notes but by no means is it very sour.