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Farmer's Market Week 31 (70% WW Take 2) plus Kamut

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Farmer's Market Week 31 (70% WW Take 2) plus Kamut

So I've opted to work on previously formulas that I liked and get them nailed down this time around. To keep it interesting I'll float between a bunch instead of doing the same over and over.  As long as I keep notes and don't let a year pass this should work just fine.  I really wanted to work on the Whole Wheat Walnut but I need to source some good organic nuts that don't cost an arm and a leg so that'll have to wait.  Instead I went with 70% Stone Ground Whole Wheat from Week 22  I never did post that formula but the changes I made are:

I used a 66% stiff Wheat Levain (12 hour build) opposed to an 80% on a second short 4 hour build.  I wanted to increase the acidity and therefor the dough strength.  

But the large unfortunate and unintentional change was a 12 hour autolyse when I had planned on 4 hours.  I ended having to leave so i was able to retard peaking levain but crossed my fingers that the extended levain (which I didn't salt since I didn't plan it) wouldn't cause problems.  It may not have been the actual cause but fermentation moved much too swiftly in the final cold proof and 80% were a bit overproofed.  The bread did come out quite tasty and I will continue to work on this formula.  I may actually try the extended autolyse again but with a portion of salt added to keep the enzymatic activity from going too wild.  

I've also finally had some moderate success in my 100% Kamut so I'll share a couple photos as well.  This is actually 1 month or so aged stone ground kamut that I used.  I've increased my levain % slightly, decreased time between preshapes, and decreased hydration significantly.  I'll follow suit slightly increasing hydration until I find the sweet spot. 


Whole Wheat Sour:Take 2

Whole Wheat Levain:(16.5% PF) 12-15 hours
25 Seed (66% hyd)

133 Whole Wheat
 86 H20
270 Artisan
482 Wheat
700 H20            
18   Salt
Total Flour:      900         (70% WW, 30% Malted Artisan (11.5%))
Total h20:        796         (88.5%)
Total Dough:  1714(        2 @ 850g)
Autolyse 12 hours (if you do this I suggest salting and holding out a portion of the h20 for final mix)
Add levain with some held h20 and combine well. Add salt with remaining h20 and pince/fold
to medium devlopment 
Bulk 3 hours with 4 folds @ 30 minutes  
Divide, preshape, rest
Shape and 12-15  hours


* Above is what I did and some changes should be made.  But with the autolyse unsalted what changes I can't say.  Watch the dough and use your intuition or wait and I'll revisit this soon enough and hopefully have a better outline----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




 Main pic is one that was flat on left and one of the few better loaves on the right.  

one of the few that wasn't over (colder part of the fridge i suppose)

Crumb from the flatter loaves

 crumb from a better loaf (my house lighting is terrible and I appologize)

100% Kamut pic inside

kamut out in the sunshine

And the crumb



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bold bake on the WW loaves is beautiful, I wish I had the guts to go that far! From the main picture, the flatter loaf doesn't seem that flat at all ;)

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I didin't look back at photos till after the fact.  They were quite different.  The cuts with little bloom and drepressing opposed to springing.  The over proof wasn't so bad that had I known and omitted the score or just scored differently this may have come out better.  The crumb photos show the major difference.  I can't help but bake a bit more boldly.  It brings a more pronounced flavor profile for my tastes.  



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Your Kamut loaf looks very nice.  I have not tried a 100% one yet and I may have to do it soon!

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It's quite tasty.  Tricky to work with but you do like doing cold bulk and that is the method I have used here.  

Thanks for the words


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Even with a few flatter ones, it looks like a nice bake.

Seeing a 100% Kamut is exciting; I've been enjoying using that flour when I have it.

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of late from dough sticking to a new basket and over proofing in the fridge twice.. Our crumb came out similar - the taste was excellent and that is all that counts after you take a bite:-)  Can't imagine how good  it will tastes like after an 12 autolyse though.

Now that I've got the Desert Durum - can't wait to make a loaf that and hopefully it will come out as nice as yours did.   Lucy wants to mix it with some home milled Kamut.  Well Done and

Happy Baking Josh.