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Raw bread!!!

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Raw bread!!!

Is there a way to save a 70% baked bread? I baked 3 french country batards 2 days ago. They came out with almost burnt bottom but pale top.  When cut into one of's gummy. Is there anyway to save them? May be freeze then bake in a hot oven again? Advice please.. 


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Mini Oven

in the microwave.    The waves head straight for the moisture.  Try for about 4 to 5 min per loaf and then let it cool completely before cutting into cubes to feed to the fish.


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Our rabbits would also enjoy them as croutons in their dandelion salad

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I would put the baguettes back in the oven and bake at 200-F until the internal temperature reaches 200-F. This should not cause any more significant darkening of the crust.

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Thank you Mini and Antilope. So i will try in the microwave and another in oven.. will let you know the out come ;)

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The one above,  3 mins in Microwave then 20mins in the oven at 200C. Don't change a thing. Good for fish and rabbits.. I think it's under proofed to begin with..just too many errors. 


Then the one below in the oven for 25mins at 200C. This I think it's ok.. It has thinker crust and taste great as a french toast. 



Well, note to self..always double check on the temperature dial. The breads were all baked on a bottom heat. 

Great weekend everyone. Hope you pull out much better bread then mine.