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Raisin Yeast Water with SD Hybrid White Sandwich Loaf

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Raisin Yeast Water with SD Hybrid White Sandwich Loaf

Baked this in the morning before going to work.

Process is similar to the one from the original post here.

Some changes on my side:

1) My yeast water is not that active. Maybe I have not been feeding it enough and left it in the fridge. So it took more than 10 hours to get it to double after making the levain. So, in my main dough, I added in 60g of my active sourdough (100% hydration) and more sugar (60g). I adjusted the remaining flour (-30g) and water (-30g) accordingly.

2) For the main dough, instead of using water, I used more yeast water.

3) I knead the butter into the dough after the salt is mixed. All kneading is done by my bosch mixer.

4) I added 20g of white sesame seeds and 20 g of black sesame seeds. They are toasted in the oven slightly beforehand. I added them after gluten formation is moderate.

5) I did a bulk fermentation of 2 hours because my room temperature is 30C.

6) The proofing time is much longer than 2 hours. Like I mentioned previously, the yeast water is not very active. So, after proofing at room temperature for 4 hours, it has not reached the top of the tin. And because it is my bedtime and I don't want it to over-proof while I am sleeping, I put it in my wine cooler at 15C.

This morning when I woke up, the dough is about 1cm above the top of the tin. I baked the dough using the cold start method mentioned in the original post. 20 mins of 210C was enough to nearly charred the top of the loaf. Internal temperature is 90C when I pulled out the loaf.

Next bake, I will have to reduce the temperature to 200C.

I made another different loaf last night, now it is slowly proofing in the fridge, it is the chocolate sourdough recipe from shiao-ping's post. I won't get to bake it till tomorrow night, ie. close to 48 hours of fridge time.


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This looks like a very nice loaf.  THe top doesn't look too dark to me.  I have a neighbor who prefers that I bake her breads a long time so the crusts get even darker than yours is.   Your proofing times sound about right for using YW.  It does take longer for breads to rise when it is used for leavening.

I use YW all the time and always store it in my refrigerator or else it has to be fed too often and gets an alcoholic aroma to it.  I check for its potency by shaking it.  I can tell how active it is by the bubbles that appear once it is given a good shake.  If it looks weak I take the old fruit out and add new fruit.  I end up doing that about once a week.  

Shao-Ping's chocolate sourdough is a good formula and txfarmer has one too but hers is a sandwich style loaf with a hint of orange in it.  Lots of fun things to try.

Take Care,



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Thanks for the tips. I have raisin yeast water, blue berries yeast water, pu erh tea yeast water and strawberries yeast water sitting in the fridge. Must go and test their potency before using again.

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it's time to convert the apple YW over to cherry:-)

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So yours is seasonal yeast water... great idea!