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40 Pounds of Wheat Berrries

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David Esq.

40 Pounds of Wheat Berrries

I bought a large bucket of  Organic Hard Red Winter Wheat Berries from Honeyville, through Costco when they were on sale the other day. Since shipping was included, as well as the bucket and gamma seal lid, it came out to be a good buy.

I did not quite realize how large a bucket this was going to be, though I had a good idea that 40 pounds was going to give me a LOT of berries.

Last night, I made the best strawberry pancakes for dinner. Pancakes are very easy to make, but having just paid $4.95 for pancakes that were tough to cut and rather flavorless, I have to say that though easy to make, they are not always made well.

I have not tried making pancakes with flour milled from wheat berries, and the convenience of the blender makes it somewhat less likely that I will ever try to make pancakes from home-milled flour.

I previously posted about my "pioneer pancakes", based on the recipe found in my Blendtec recipe book, using wheat berries, milk, oil, sugar, baking powder and salt. They came out super tender and delicious.

This time around, I made the pancakes as follows:

1 cup of wheat berries.}
1/4 cup or so of oats2 TBSP hemp seeds
Some chia seeds (less than a tsp, I think)
1.5 cups of whole milk

Turn blender on and cycle up to "9" and let it go for 50 seconds (until the cycle ends)

At this point you have a very thin batter.

Drop in:

2 eggs
2 TBSP Olive Oil
2 TBSP Honey
1 TBSP baking powder
1/4 tsp kosher salt

Hit pulse 5-7 times.

Heat the griddle with some coconut oil and and slice up some large strawberries and throw the berries in the blender. Do not blend.
When griddle is sizzling hot, use a large ladle to scoop out the batter and some berries (or just batter and drop the berries into the ladle separately) and get cooking.  The pancakes bubble up great, meaning the surface gets filled with bubbles indicating they are ready to be flipped.

All I can tell you is that these pancakes were awesome. And super easy to make. HIGHLY recommend.