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Talk about THE EAR

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Bob Marley's picture
Bob Marley

Talk about THE EAR

   Baked inside of a roasting bag.

Shai's picture

This is a really great idea!

How hot was your oven? Is the bag safe to use in temperature as high as 520F/270C?

Bob Marley's picture
Bob Marley

I borrowed this photo from someone's post at another website.  And the recipe is mentioned here, in Portuguese with no indication of temperatures.

Floydm's picture

Wow, that is something.

yy's picture

Interesting idea. It would certainly help some of us avoid complicated/dangerous steaming apparatuses. I looked on the Reynolds website and their oven bags are not intended for temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit. I wonder if other manufacturers make high-temp tolerant ones.

Bob Marley's picture
Bob Marley

...sounds to me that the dutch oven would certainly be the way to go.  I'm contemplating either a 5 (5.5qt) or 7 qt DO made of cast iron.

DavidEF's picture

I don't usually bake any free-form loaves. I barely have time to bake enough pan-loaves for our sandwiches. But now, I want to try that just because of how crazy it sounds! Thinking to self: It's been a while since I enjoyed a crusty boule, maybe tonight...