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65% stoneground wheat 35% medium rye

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65% stoneground wheat 35% medium rye

Our favorite bread. 65% stoneground wheat flour T80 (Moulin de Colagne, France) + 35% medium rye flour (Adler, Germany). About 80% water, 20% sourdough and 0,3% instant yeast. About 3 hours of bulk fermentation with some stretchs and folds in between, and about 1 hour of final proof.

Thats all!

Abel, Barcelona.

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Can you treat us to a crumb shot, too?

Happy baking,


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I can hear the crunch of the crust. I'd like to see the crumb too.


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A rather masterful scoring job . . . looks like the work of a true professional. Hope it tastes even better than it looks!


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Hi Abel:

This looks fantastic. Could you be a bit more specific how you make this bread, i.e. break it down in simple steps that I can follow?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, I really like your rye sourdough/ whole wheat bread and also the rye ciabatta.



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Yes, of course.

In the mixer, add all flours, salt, yeast, sourdough, and 60% of the water. Add the rest of the water little by little during the kneading process. Knead 5 min at first speed, and then 5 min a second speed, more or less. Transfer the dough to a floured container. About 3 hours of bulk fermentation at room temperature, with some stretchs and folds in between. Divide in pieces according to the desired size. Preshape, let it rest 20 min and shape. Final roof about 1 hour