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"A Growing Challenge for Germans Who Live by Bread Alone" - NYTimes

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"A Growing Challenge for Germans Who Live by Bread Alone" - NYTimes

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and rather sad.

So called "Bake Shops" pop up at every corner, and people buy the stuff, eager to save a buck, thinking it comes from a real bakery and not shipped frozen from China or Poland.


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dropping buy the wayside, sideswiped by technology th3e rise of machines and the new processes that allow other ways to make bread take over.  Not much different that what is happening in many other lines of work.  Thankfully, we can make a decent loaf of bread without much difficulty or cost

Wish I could fix the plumbing, roof, car, electrical and A/C just as quickly and easily without having to hire it out at a very high price.  At least a person living in China, India or other place can't fix it either.  These are the best businesses to own today I'm thinking.   Stuff breaks and it has to be fixed and it can't be done by someone living somewhere else.

I'm also thinking that most stand alone bakeries would do way better as part of of a much larger restaurant theme where the bread baked was part of the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner or 2 of the 3.