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Fustration.. Dough collapsing after scoring!

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Fustration.. Dough collapsing after scoring!

Twice in a two week period I made sandwich bread... and twice it collapsed upon scoring just before it went into the oven. Both times the dough had risen about 1 to 2 inches above bread pan before scoring. I scored once, the lengh of the loaf.

The first time, I accidently put salted butter with the salt that was called for in the recipe. So I thought it was a overdose of salt. Turns out I was wrong. The first rise was two hours and the second was about 1 hour. Scored and collapse.

The second time, I added the salted butter, but did not add the salt that the recipe called for. I let the dough rise for one hour when I noticed the dough size had doubled. The second rise was about forty minutes when I noticed the dough had risen about 2 inches above bread pan. I scored and it collapsed. This time, the bread rose in the oven, but not to the full height that it was before collapse.

Very fustrated and don't understand what I might be doing wrong.

King Aurther flour and using this recipe...

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Sounds like overprooving, particularly on the final proof.  Next time don't let the dough rise so high above the pan.

Things might might be happening quicker than you expect because the amount of instant yeast in that formula seems pretty high. I guess it's about twice what I would use for 3 cups (360g) of flour. 

Watch the dough, not the clock. 

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I ignored the clock and just kept my eye on the dough during the first and second rise.

I just baked the best sandwich loaf I've ever made. Oven spring was incredible with no collapse. Just had some phenominal french toast this morning.


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Remember, the baker is just an assistant who helps the dough along its journey.

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To me it does sound like it was over proofed.

The Amount of yeast is what I would use for 500g of Flour, so that amount of yeast  for the 360g seems a bit to high.

Try less yeast and keep an eye on the Dough so that it does not rise to high above the loafe pan side.

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Ginzu Gary Lee

I've been making that loaf since the 80s. I make 1 o 3 loaves every week. I use 2 tsp. SAF instant yeast that I buy by the pound, I use the 2 tsp. total for one loaf or up to three. If you are using yeast from the store a packet is fine. If you are using the right (1 pound) loaf pan you don't have to score it. The oven spring will cause the loaf to tear at one side or the other pan lip. You need to keep an eye on your second rise I usually start checking it at 40 minutes. I actually use KA bread flour instead of All purpose flour and I use beer instead of water. I use this recipe to teach people how to make bread it is a good basic sandwich loaf.

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I also recommend not to go by the description of how high the loaf should rise (where do you measure that? Sides, middle?), but use your finger to test it.

If you make an indentation with your finger, it should come a little bit back, but neither fill completely, nor stay at the same depth.

Happy baking,