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The crown continues growing!!!!!

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Bob Marley

The crown continues growing!!!!!

This thread is a continuation of a thread initiated yesterday entitled "Making a Levain".

Here are a couple of photos of the crown 5 hours later as the SD dough continues to grow.

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Growing nicely:)


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It is pretty close to 80% right now and time to get the oven fired up?

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David Esq.

Is it just that you assume it will max out at 5 rows on the basket and it is now at 4? (Or whatever row you are looking at)?

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there were 6 rows visible and now there are 4.  That is at least an inch of rise and with this basket being concave I'm guessing it is already close to being fully proofed redy for the oven or darn close.  At least it is a white bread and might not collapse - if the gluten was properly developed - and this one might be suspect in that regard with only 1 S&F. 

I had the same problem when I moved to baskets.  All my loaves were over proofed so I put before and after basket pictures on TFL and Mini Oven took one look and immediately said this is way, way  over proofed and she was right .  What I thought was 100% proofed was really 150% - 175%.  Baskets are tough to visualize properly and the poke test doesn't work.

Hopefully it will all wrok out all right.  If it does we have areally easy way to make SD bread:-)