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Pre-baked bread

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Pre-baked bread

Is start to hear more and more about the pre-baked bread. From what I understood the bread is baked until the crust forms, cooled and keep in a cool place. When you want to consume it you finish baking it for about 10 minutes.

This pre-baked bread is already replacing the frozen dough. I see it as a new threat to eat good quality bread. Does this pre-baked bread keep the proprieties of good bread baked in the classic way? What do you know about this? What do you think?



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... many a year.  Usually found at supermarket in-store bakeries where the smell of baking bread entices the unwary to buy.  Awful stuff and best avoided.


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Bob S.

This type of product has been around the USA for decades, and usually goes under the name of "Brown 'n Serve". Not a bad product, if you finish the baking yourself and serve while piping hot. Par-baked bread that is finished at the store and sold as "fresh" is bound to be inferior to the real article.

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Reminds me of Hamelman's words on when and at what temperature to eat bread, "Bad bread should eaten warm, even hot. The heat helps to mask the defects."