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Happy with Bread:)

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Happy with Bread:)

I have not used my 100% hydration Wheat Starter for about 3 Month, I had him in the fridge, feeding him once a week 1:1:1.

The Wheat Starter is about 1 ½ year old.

I used the Rye Starter as I was following recipes from * The Weekend Bakery * online.

They use Rye Starter and do the 15 g of Rye Starter with small amounts of flour and Water to make a preferment the Night before baking.

Well, I got my Wheat Starter out of the fridge 3 days ago, put him in a much larger Jar, fed him so that I have 200g Starter which I fed 1:1:1 for about 3 days.

Yesterday I made the Dough, did the S&F 6 times within 3 hours * every 30 minutes * and today , after a great over Night rising I put him in the Proofing basket, let him rise again and now I just took the Lid of my Dutch Oven and OMG , what  a rise, and beautiful Crust.

He needs 6 more Minutes for the crust to brown up a bit more and than cooling.

I can hardly wait to cut it open to see the crumb.

Well, back to my old trusted friend * Gordon * that was what I named him when I started him up all the month ago.


2 Cups of fed Starter

300g Wheat Flour

200g Wholemeal  Flour

350g Warm Water

8.5 g Salt

5g Sugar


Happy Bunny me and HAPPY Starter * Gordon * 


Edit: Daughter , 3 Sons and Husband think the taste is not as nice as the once I used to bake with the Rye Starter.

They say: The bread crust is to thin, the taste to sour and the crumb to soft. 

Well, back to good old Ryan the Rye starter and the way I baked the bread for a few month now.

Leaven and all.

I guess making the Leaven the Night before makes a lot of sense when it comes to better taste... but hey, we all learn.

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Was slightly confused by your words.

Firstly which starter did you use for your loaf, the rye starter or wheat starter?  You said both:

"I used the Rye Starter" and "I got my Wheat Starter out of the fridge"

Secondly you said:

"fed him so that I have 200g Starter which I fed 1:1:1 for about 3 days."

This implies to me that you fed 200g of starter for 3 days which I presume involved a lot of discard.  If so, was there a reason you didn't use the Weekend Bakery style pre-ferment method starting with something like 15g and building that up?

Either way congrats on your great rise and results !

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I used the Wheat Starter.

I did not say that I used the Rye starter for this bread, I said I USED IT following a recipe from * The Weekend Bakery*, maybe I should have written it a bit better.:)

My Starter, for some reason does not very well when I keep it in small amounts.

It never doubles , when I keep my larger amount it will double beautiful and also, it smells much better.

I do not know why that is.

I do not mind discarding Flour and Water, it is not more than that really.

I used to bake this way and had good bread, than I was reading a lot of different methods and tried and confused myself , now I am back to the way I did before and I am happy, my bread looks and smells AND most importantly, tastes better.

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"I do not mind discarding Flour and Water, it is not more than that really"

Hmmmm well .....................

Starter left out at room temperature typically needs feeding twice per day.

So if you've been keeping 200g of starter that way then for each feed you would probably discard 2/3rd of that which is about 133g (which is 1/2 flour and 1/2 water).  So in 3 days thats some 400g of flour dumped down the sink.   400g is a loaf of bread !   (hope I have my numbers right here!)

Seems a shame to waste that much to me.


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Oh I do know how much I am feeding and discarding;)

To me it is just Flour and Water.

I have put my Wheat Starter back in the fridge , only 60g of it wich I feed with 60g Water and 60g Flour.

Not that I worried about the discarding part, but the bread that I was so happy about today was not that nice after all and the family did not like it as it was to Sour.

Using my little Rye Starter again as before with Leaven the Night before baking.

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Have I got this right?

You keep 60g of starter in the fridge

When it's time to feed it, you add 60g of flour and 60g of water?

That would make 180g in total.

What happens then?

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Yes, you got it right.

What happens then?

I bake.


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