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Reviving old starter

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Reviving old starter

I left some rye and AP starter in England that I last fed on January 1.  We live in California, but my husband is English and all of his family are here, as well as many dear friends. When we arrived back this week (mid-May), I was concerned about the condition of the starters.  The rye didn't look too bad, but the AP had about an inch of the hooch on top.  I poured it off and then stirred each starter before feeding them.  Both bounced back beautifully, more than doubling in volume. The UK is having a bit of a heat wave, so the indoor temperatures were very good for the starter revive. I've got some dough going now for baking later. I am thrilled that it survived so well, with so little attention.

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Those little bacteria are commandos.  They, along with viruses will be partying across planet Earth long after humans have been and gone.