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Seasoning Rising Bowls

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Jim Burgin

Seasoning Rising Bowls

I have seen/heard two methods of seasoning rising bowls (banneton) before using them for the first time.  Which is most trusted/used?

1.  Spray with spray oil then dust with flour.

2.  Brush with a mixture of corn starch and water.  Let dry.  Then dust with flour.  If using this method what is the ratio of corn starch to water?

Thanks, Jim

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Bob Marley

Never did anything with mine other that dust with plain old flour.  Take a look at brotforms at this German website.

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I never seasoned my bannetons, I just dust with Flour , every 2 Weeks I brush the insides out because you will get hard pieces of flour in there due to the Moisture in the Dough.

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I just sprayed them with a bit of water and then dusted them with wheat starch. I think corn starch will also work. I then dried it in the oven (put it in, when the oven was still at about 100°C after baking). All the remaining starch I removed by putting the basket upside down and slapping it.


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We've found it best to spray new bannetons with a mixture of 95% water and 5% bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite). A second spraying follows the first after it soaks in. Rinse in cold water and place in full sunlight until thoroughly dry.

The bannetons are prepped with a dusting of rice flour (non-glutinous type) prior to receiving the dough.