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Herman sourdough bread

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Herman sourdough bread

Hello, I am planning to start a herman sourdough starter, but first need one thing cleared up. 

Can you bake a yeasted bread using herman sourdough as the only leavening? I have searched around, but found that most recipes required an additional source of leaven, etc. commercial yeast. 

Thanks in advance!

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Hermann, Robert, Amish frindship, ...

are all more or less well fed sourdoughs with more or less contamination of commercial yeast.

If you don't know who had it before, and think it might have been neglected, do a view refreshments, and you are good to go. As you will have already seen on this page, many of us bake breads with just as the only leavening agent sourdough. And if people stick to the instructions on Hermann-Letter, what you've got should already have been refreshed.

About the contamination with commercial yeast: If someone who had it/him before put in commercial yeast, he might have minimized the number of lactobacillii. This should affect the taste and aroma and might affect the ability to fight mold... but the leavening abilities (or better: gas producing abilities) won't get worse. If you like the taste: go for it.



Edit: I've just read the Hermann letter again: In my opinion it isn't fed enough - It's always on the edge of being neglected. I would shorten the feeding cycle and for bread definitely not add that much sugar.